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Like the Phoenix…

The End is Near!


This is the last week of Computer Club for the year of 2013.

However!  In the second week of January, 2014, the Computer Club will resume.  We’ll be focused on learning how to use the Unity 3D engine in order to develop some really amazing games.

Be sure and tell your friends.  Bear in mind that this club is still for High School students.  For a younger student exception, I will need to speak with a parent.

No Class/Club Wednesday

Wednesday, November 6th, I will be in New Mexico, working on other programming projects.

There will be no class/club that day.

In the meantime, give the requirements for the MadLibs program thought, so that when we return on Monday, we’ll be able to make good progress.

Monday Successes!

Today, we did another exercise expounding on what we learned last week.

Dean Angelo and Matt were able to complete the exercise first, earning their names on the front page of this site.  Well done guys!

Getting to the Programming

We’re into our third week now, and in spite of some technical challenges and a touch of illness, we’re moving into the more exciting part of the club: programming.

Some of what we’re working on now is review.  Monday, we created a basic “Hello World!” application, as all good first-time programmers do.  Of course, this isn’t the first time for most of the kids in the club.  It’s still a valid exercise, and an excellent review of some forgotten basics.

This is a precarious stage.  The excitement of newness has receded, and the work is just beginning.  These first few projects that we’ll be working on aren’t flashy or exciting, and it’s easy for the kids’ attention to drift into other areas.

It is important to try and focus during this time, though, because it’s at the beginning where we lay down a foundation.  We’re going to be going over objects, object oriented programming, strings, and some basic rules in the next week or two.  When these basics are grasped, other, more interesting concepts become available, and the types of applications we’ll be able to write will be more advanced.

We just have to get through this challenging stage first.

Brand New Year, Brand New Website

Welcome back to Computer Club!

Last year was an ambitious year.  I had a lot of lofty goals, and while many were achieved, one that eluded me was having a genuine website for the club, where students and parents could visit and see what exactly was going on.

This year, we’re starting it off right.  I’ll post announcements and subjects to this site, organized by week.  Projects that we do in class will also be uploaded to this site, so that they can easily be downloaded by students when needed.  No more shuffling around with jump drives!

Another change from last year is that the club will no longer be 6th grade through high school.  It is now for high school kids only.  While there were some very clever youngsters in the club last year, the age disparity made it extremely difficult to pace the subjects in a satisfactory way.

I’m really looking forward to this year’s club!  The first day will be September 4th, and the hours will be from 3:10 to 4:10.  See you there!