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Monday Successes!

Today, we did another exercise expounding on what we learned last week.

Dean Angelo and Matt were able to complete the exercise first, earning their names on the front page of this site.  Well done guys!

Getting to the Programming

We’re into our third week now, and in spite of some technical challenges and a touch of illness, we’re moving into the more exciting part of the club: programming.

Some of what we’re working on now is review.  Monday, we created a basic “Hello World!” application, as all good first-time programmers do.  Of course, this isn’t the first time for most of the kids in the club.  It’s still a valid exercise, and an excellent review of some forgotten basics.

This is a precarious stage.  The excitement of newness has receded, and the work is just beginning.  These first few projects that we’ll be working on aren’t flashy or exciting, and it’s easy for the kids’ attention to drift into other areas.

It is important to try and focus during this time, though, because it’s at the beginning where we lay down a foundation.  We’re going to be going over objects, object oriented programming, strings, and some basic rules in the next week or two.  When these basics are grasped, other, more interesting concepts become available, and the types of applications we’ll be able to write will be more advanced.

We just have to get through this challenging stage first.