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Computer Club 2014-2015 Begins!

Monday, September 22

That is the day that we will be returning.

Like previous years, Computer Club will be meeting every Monday and Wednesday, between 3:20PM and 4:20PM.

This first semester, we’ll be focusing on the web.

The first week we will go over the rules for Computer Club, then quickly go over some of the basics.  After that, we’ll learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript (with a focus on jQuery), and then look into content management systems.  We may also look into web services, and if it doesn’t everyone to sleep, talk about REST and what it means for creating web applications.

Also, I will be buying the parts and building a computer in the classroom.  When this computer is finished, we will use it as a server for hosting web content the students create.

Computer Club is intended for High School students.