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Game Design First Impressions

The Computer Club met up today, and I think it went fairly well!

To make it easier to see the Game Design content, a Game Design section has been added to this site, and all of the notes that I’ll take will will be stored there.

We are changing up the format a little bit with the club.  There are a number of individuals that have some advanced knowledge of some of the tools we’re going to be using.  Some people are proficient with Blender (which will be installed on the computers as soon as I have time), and we have a few people that have used Unity before.  To facilitate different levels of interest, I will lead the club through some basic projects, but anyone at any time can work on other projects, if that’s what they’re more comfortable doing.

I’ll also try to make sure that there is plenty of time each time we meet for people to work on whatever projects they’d like to, without feeling like they’re falling behind.

There won’t be school for quite a while, so the next time Computer Club will meet will be Monday, February 24th.


– Brian

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