Monday Instructions and Notes

We started by going around the room and getting ideas from the class on what sort of projects they want to do, as opposed to me giving them some task in the form of instructions.

Here were the answers:

  • Dean Angelo — App launcher
  • Matt — No answer
  • Chris Buhl — Madlibs program
  • Mitchell — Cursor Changer
  • Bryanna — No answer
  • Bianka  — Cursor Chaser (cat and mouse)
  • Chris Bloom — Number Guesser

Of those answers, there were really only two that we could do, based on the information that we’ve gathered in the class so far.  One of those is a bit easier than the other, so we’ll do the Number Guesser.

Instructions for the Number Guesser:

  1. Open Visual C# Express and create a Windows Forms Application called “NumberGuesser”
  2. Create a User Interface that asks the user for a number.  It should have enough interface that the user can enter what they’re guessing, and it should tell them if they are right or not.
  3. You’re going to a click event handler for a button
  4. You’re going to need to use the Random class in order to generate new numbers
  5. You’re going to need to convert the strings that people enter into numbers, so that you can compare them to the generated number.
  6. You’re probably going to need to generate one new number and store it for a while, as long as the person is guessing.
  7. You’ll need some upper and lower limits on the number that is generated.
  8. You may want to limit the number of guesses.  Maybe keep track of the guesses they make, so you can tell them that they’ve already guessed a number?  That’s up to you.


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