Monday Notes — The Requirements

The first thing a programmer needs to know is what they’re writing.

Our club has determined that the next project we’ll be working on is:

A MadLibs Program


Here is the verbatim requirements, directly from the Computer Club:

Brief Description:

A MadLibs program should be a list of different parts of speech that the user can fill out.  When they fill it out, the words that the user chose should fill in the blanks of a block of text.  The idea is that the resulting filled in block of text will be humorous, because the user doesn’t know what they’re filling out.

Use Cases:

The user wants to fill out a MadLib

The user double clicks an icon on the desktop and they are presented with several textboxes in a user interface with labels of noun, pronoun, adjective, and color, etc.  When the user submits it, and the block of text is presented to the user, the inputted text should be italicized and a different color from the rest of the text in order to distinguish what the user has inputted.  The block of text should then be read-only.

The user creates a block of text

The user clicks the create button in order to enter the create block of text interface.  The user types their block of text and then selects a word and then selects a button to punch out the words to create places for other users to fill in.  The user can click a button to test the block of text as if he were a user using the MadLibs program.  If the user is happy, they can click save to add it to the list of available blocks of text.

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