Today was the first day returning after a long break.

We had a few new faces, so we began by going over the basic rules, and talking a little bit about what the new format of the club will be as we learn game design and Unity 3D.

We identified a few people in the club that are proficient with Blender and other graphic tools.  They will be very useful for creating assets for our projects.

Two terms were mentioned, to keep in mind for the future:

  • Scripts — This is the code behind the game, that allows for creation of game mechanics.  In Unity, these scripts can be created in C#, which is very handy for us, since we’ve been learning C# in the Computer Club
  • Assets — These are the graphical components, animations, and other pieces that we will use in Unity.  In a very real sense, Unity is simply a tool for combining Assets and Scripts to form a game.

Once we were finished with introductions, we loaded Unity, and discovered that the application does not always load quickly on the computers in the lab.  While we waited for the application to open, we talked about different game types or genres.

With Unity open, we created a very basic “Hello3DWorld” game.  In this game, we did the following:

  1. We created a “Cube” object and changed its dimensions so that it could serve as a ground.
  2. We added a First Person Controller asset to our game, and removed the original Main Camera
  3. We added a Point Light object, to provide light to our area.
  4. We added a Skyblock render element to the Main Camera in our First Person control, and set a custom Skyblock asset on it.
  5. We ran our rudimentary game and made sure we could see the sky, move around, and jump off the ledge.


As a reminder, it’s important for everyone to have a jump drive of their own, so that they can save their work without losing it.

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