Ball Roller, Day 2

We continued working on the project we’d started Monday.

What we had was simple.  There was a ball, a horizontal surface, a main camera, and a light source.  We were able to press either the right or left arrow keys, or the A or D keys, and the ball would move.  Unfortunately, our ball didn’t behave correctly at the end of the day on Monday, so we began by fixing that.

The problem had been that we had been using the AddRelativeForce method, when we should have been using the AddRelativeTorque method.  Once that was updated, the ball rolled appropriately.

We had a few more people in the Club today than we had on Wednesday, so we began by rebuilding the project we had created on Monday.  We created it very quickly, then moved on to some more topics.  Those included:

  • Commenting our code
  • Creating the same script in CSharp, rather than JavaScript
  • Adding “jump” controls to our ball

Unfortunately, we ran into a few problems.  The notes I was working off of were incomplete or inaccurate, and Unity wound up crashing for me during the presentation.

It wasn’t a complete loss.  We’ll pick back up in this project on Monday.  This game may turn into a simplified version of the class arcade game, Marble Madness.

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