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The Rules

The rules for the Computer Club are really fairly light and common sense.


1. Be courteous and respectful of the teacher and other students

This basically just means to listen and be attentive when there is any lecture, or if someone is asking a question.


2. No games unless specifically allowed

Games are not strictly prohibited, but when they are being played instead of working on the in-class subjects, or instead of during lecture, it is disruptive and disrespectful, and it defeats the whole point of the Computer Club.


3. Adhere to all of the normal classroom rules and codes of conduct

This means that any dress codes that would apply during the day apply to the after school program, and any rules concerning language also still apply.


As with last year, students may do homework at any time during the club.  One change from last year is that if you are doing homework during club, your monitor must be turned off.

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