The computer is a tool, no different than a hammer or screwdriver.  Instead of building tables, we build software.

The tool/software we’ll be using most of the time to build the software in this club is Visual Studio.

Visual Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

If we were working in other languages (like Java) we’d use a different IDE, such as Netbeans or Eclipse.

We opened Visual Studio C# Express and observed what it looks like when it’s first opened.  It has a Recent Items list, just like other Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, etc).  We clicked on New Project, and observed the different options available.

Windows Forms Application — Good for creating a standard windows application, with buttons and typical controls

WPF Application — Windows Presentation Foundation application.  We did not talk about this type of application yet.

Console Application — An application without a user interface

Class Library — Used for creating a collection of code to be re-used.  As Chris Bloom pointed out, this is used for creating Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs)


We talked about a few other things:

User Interface (UI) — The means by which the user accesses and controls an application

Web Service — An application on the web that can be invoked to send or retreive data.  Twitter, for example, has a web service that can be called.  When visiting, you can use twitter’s UI, but the UI makes calls to twitter’s web service in order to send and retrieve tweets.

In addition, we talked about separation of responsibility in application development.  That is, the “guts” (processing, business logic) should not live in the User Interface.

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