Wednesday Notes

We started off the day with the instructions already on the screen, and everyone had about 20 minutes to complete the exercise.

Several people completed the exercise without any need for assistance!  A few people had some trouble focusing, but eventually came around and completed the exercise, with or without help.

Once we were done with the project using the Load event on the form, we did away with that code (either getting ride of the event handler, or clearing out the code of the event handler), essentially resetting it.

The next exercise was to do this:

1. Add a button to the form

2. Double click the button in order to get to the click event handler for the button

3. Use the MessageBox object to post a message to the user


This second exercise was completed very quickly!  In fact, I’d say almost everyone in the classroom found it to be trivial.

To step it up a notch, we extended the exercise to do the following:

1. Add a TextBox to the form

2. Change the event handler for the click button so that the MessageBox shows whatever the user typed in the TextBox.


This last step proved to be a little bit of a challenge, but with a little bit of help, everyone was able to come up with a solution.


The final task was to clean up the user interface a little bit.  That is, add a label to tell the user what to type in the TextBox, change the display on the button to say something other than “Button1” and change the form to no longer say “Form1” at the top.

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